Traveling to Japan with GINZA WiFi

Traveling to Japan with


Our Mission

The Internet is often not available in the city or by train in Japan.
In particular, Vietnamese who came to Japan for the first time to know more about the greatness of Japan,
our company offer the best way to travel to Japan

GINZA WiFi Rental will solve the concerns of traveling in Japan.

There are very few Free Wi-Fi spots available ,and also too difficult to connect the wireless in Japan.

Also, there are cases where the speed is quite slow even if the Internet are connected.

If you bring GINZA WiFi-router when traveling in Japan, you can easily connect to the Internet and enjoy it as in your own country.

Our bilingual staff
will support you!

The devices is small,
light and easy to carry!

Feel perfectly free
to oder without deposit!

No need to line-up at the airport!
Delivery to your accommodation directly
before you check-in

Return the device easily
by dropping at your nerest postbox!

By one device,
you can connect to
multiple devices!

Travel comfortably with GINZA WiFi!

Find the train to get your destination
Look for the latest information of tourist spot
Use Google Translate
Handle the job when traveling
Play game online
Share your moments of the trip

*The speed gets slow when it's used over the limit.



Please apply from our website.



Rental WiFi is delivered to your hotel before you arrive there.
(We only accept payment by credit cards.)



Please pick up the device at the reception.



Turn on the device and enter the password. Now you can connect the internet.


Please put the rental device set in a return envelope and enclose it, then drop it at the nearest post box (such as convenience store, airport, etc) or return it directly at Japan Post's counter.

Transportation Service Company

Please use a transport service (Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, Yupack, etc.) and send it back to our company.

・Request a pickup from the express delivery company
・Bring to delivery agent (convenience store, etc.)
・Take to the delivery company's counter

Please pay the shipping fee directly at the cashier (such as a convenience store) when you ship the package. Shipping fee will be prepaid.
The rental end date is when you drop the router in the post box.

Customer A

It is very simple and easy to connect the Internet. How convenient to use the rental service for a short time!

Customer B

Very convenient and comfortable staying in Japan. Thank you very much!

Customer C

The first received WiFi had a problem. When I contacted the company, they immediately sent me a replacement, and there was follow-up by email. Good service!

Customer D

This is the first time I try this service, and I received very kind advice from contact customer ! I definately use service for next time.